A New Heart❤


As i seat reflecting on how far God has brought me..iv noticed a change about myself…Am becoming a lover of peace and just loving myself.

I thought i should share my testimony with you all today….The Bible says they overcame Him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony…and i pray this encourages you.

I won’t forget the day mbialesi a sister in the lord asked me if i was really ok?..It was on a Wednesday that day and honestly i really did feel fine….all in high spirits.

That Wednesday three people i rarely chat with kept asking if i was really ok.

It made me wonder…Mbialesi asked me once more..are you really fine? And i said yes …challenges do come along the way but God is keeping me…-My response.

She said -“you know i felt so burdened to pray for you today”.. i said “Please do i really need your prayers am usually standing in for people but i need people standing in for me too”.

She never responded to my reply but later on the following day she texts in the evening saying…”Petronella how have you managed living with a broken heart?”..

As i saw that text i began to weep….she goes on to say”When I look at you all I see is this happy person not knowing that there is just so much that you have gone through in life”.

As she went on typing she said many things that i could relate with and i cried more.

To actually see that someone could actually read behind my happy mask touched me.

For the longest times and till now people think am the most bubbliest,happy person.A few really know me.From the many i know.

And iv grown to never allow what i go through affect innocent people around me.

I love God so much one would wonder why i take Him so seriously…His dried my tears when no one knew, not even my siblings,parents,close friends but God.

You would be wondering what made me broken,i will share more in detail one of these days but my heart became so fragile that even the smallest of things hurt me… as the lady continued to counsel me….she said “God is giving you a new heart the one uv had has been so wounded”.

I remember how i sobbed that day in my room…She said “Praise and worship God”.

As i began to pray i felt like something heavy had been lifted off me.

And i felt so free and relived and since that day i feel like a new person.

I feel free and so peaceful all that i worried about has gone…i don’t understand the way am feeling but truly God has given me a new Heart…Am at peace i really don’t understand this peace but its really beyond me.

I feel stronger and immoveable..it took a series of revival weeks at church,the word of God and prayer…. ever since the day a sister in the lord texted me my life has changed my heart feels healthy-GOD USES PEOPLE…everything that kept coming was about a new Heart….the preachers as though they new kept saying “God is giving you a new heart”!

You may be broken the way i was maybe your heart is broken just a small thing and it’s hurt…Maybe it would be because of the things uv been through,the battles uv had to face…I want to let you know that only God can deliver you from the spirit of brokenness and give you a healthy heart.

Am dancing because iam Healed in Jesus Name

It’s all gone!God is Faithful if His done it for me ,He can do it for you❤


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